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It’s Time for a Payments Company with Values That Match Your Own

Impact Payments is a payment processing company that believes in integrity, transparency, and honesty. Unlike many other payment companies, we take a strong stand against being stuck in contracts, or charging unnecessary fees and gradually increasing those over time, hoping you won’t ever notice.
We are on a mission to provide services for businesses at great prices with incredible value. At Impact Payments, our True North is to impact cash flow and profits for as many businesses as possible.

We’ve Injected Who We Are into the Payments Industry

Our strengths lie not only in our service offerings, but also our people. They ensure we live our core values and mission: that we are always providing personalized service with integrity, as well as staying ahead of trends and emergent payment processing developments.

Peter Harrington,

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Revenue sharing programs for referral partners and integrated software vendors

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How We Impact Businesses

Napa Auto Parts

We saved one Napa franchisee $45,000 a year and upgraded their technology.

Union College

Union College

We saved this college over 20% per year in processing fees and increased the rate of successful payments by 40%.

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