Cash Flow That Moves at the Speed of Your Business

cash flow

Get Paid The Same Day

Most processors deposit funds 1 to 3 days after you process your transactions, making you wait on your money. We deposit to your bank account within hours of when you process your transactions.

Get Full Gross Sales Deposits

Choose to receive your full gross sales deposited without any processing fees deducted, which you can then pay at month’s end (accountants love this option). Or, choose to receive your net sales deposited with fees already deducted.

Month to Month Agreements, Cancel Anytime

We have no long term contracts. We are excited to earn your business every, single month. Many of our competitors lock you into multi-year contracts with costly penalties for leaving.

Automatic Card Updater

If a customer’s stored payment method expires or updates in some way, we can automatically detect the change and update what is stored in your system of record for seamless operation.


Recurring Transactions

Conveniently charge existing customers for recurring transactions.

Integrate With Your Software

In most instances, we can integrate with your specialty software. We make every effort to integrate with the software that runs your business. Contact us to learn more.

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