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Overall 20% Reduction in Costs

Interchange Plus Pricing

Interchange plus pricing is a transparent and cost-effective approach. Unlike other pricing models, such as flat rate or tiered pricing, interchange plus breaks down the components of a credit card transaction with clarity.
It consists of two main parts:

This system ensures that businesses only pay the actual cost of processing, plus a clearly defined service fee. This makes it easier for businesses to understand their payment processing costs and make informed decisions.
It’s a fair and flexible pricing structure that empowers businesses to manage their finances more effectively while providing transparency and predictability in a complex industry.

cost plus vs tiered pricing models
examples of level 2 and 3 data

Additional Cost Reductions For Certain Cards: Automatic Level 2 and 3 Processing:

Pricing That’s Guaranteed for Life

No rate increases, ever. For the life of your account with us, we guarantee your rate will stay the same.

Many competitors sneak in rate increases over time, banking on the fact that you won’t notice. Speaking of, when is the last time you audited your merchant statement for this type of activity? You might be surprised with what you find.

This kind of behavior is against our values. We offer transparency and consistency you can rely on.

example merchant statement review

We Don’t Keep the Fees if You Don’t Keep the Transaction

customer returns

When you have to issue a refund to a customer, we refund the card processing fee on the original transaction, plus we do not charge a fee to issue the refund itself.

Many competitors charge higher processing fees to begin with, plus they keep the fee on the original transaction, in addition to charging a second fee to issue the refund. This means they are charging businesses 6% or more on a sale that didn’t happen.

No Surcharges or Hidden Extras

no hidden fees

There are no hidden fees or unexpected surcharges. For example, we do not charge extra for swiping a card with a chip (Non-EMV fees). We don’t do equipment leasing fees, and no long-term contracts or gotchas.

This is why most clients typically save, at least, 20% overall when using Impact Payments as their payments processor.

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