Success Story

AV-Tech Electronics, INC

This family owned business outfits police, security and fire trucks

Initial State



Growing local business servicing municipalities and other corporate businesses. Their accountant noticed how high their fees were and referred them to Fix My Fees. We were ecstatic to be able to save them over 50%! They could not believe the savings, until we reviewed the breakdown with them. They have been customers over 6 years and are still reaping the benefits of the same locked in rates.

How Did We Do It?

Easy! Big Banks charge Big Bucks. The large banks have brought on payments processing as an added resource, this is not their specialty. Most businesses don’t understand that we have the same license and rates as the big banks do.Often times banks have a set rate for each business and the tellers don’t understand how to customize rates for your business. We review the types of cards they were running and implement our proprietary Automated Level III system that saves businesses that run corporate and business cards an additional 15% from the big banks. On top of that we reduce the mark up by an additional 40% saving them over 50% on fees.

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